The conference programme is expected to be published online by beginn of April.
Register for the Industrial IoT Conference in four steps: Select the events to be booked, then enter the billing address, followed by the data of the participant. In the last step, check and confirm your details.

You will receive your voucher code for a free ticket of automatica from us by mail.

from 16.10.20
from 16.10.20
349,00 €
404,84 € (VAT included)
399,00 €
462,84 € (VAT included)

If you have already registered for the conference or a workshop and would like to register for the other part of the event at a later date, please let us know in the "Remarks" field. You will then subsequently receive the lower price for the combined registration.

After your registration you will receive a registration confirmation by e-mail. The invoice will then be sent to the billing address you entered within a few days. Thus please check the correct billing address and the corresponding e-mail address to which your invoice should be sent.

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