About the Conference

automatica IIoT Conference targets a technical audience and combines the content of classic automatica topics with IT-related lectures. The focus is on the industrial Internet of Things, but the conference is dedicated to other areas where software and industry meet.

automatica IIoT Conference wants to bridge the gap between engineers, who are increasingly involved in software issues, on the one hand, and software developers as well as IT professionals working in robotics and automation, on the other.

During the conference you will have the opportunity to talk to other participants. IT experts and experienced engineers can share their knowledge and meet other conference attendees that have similar tasks and questions.

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Automation meets IT

Marc Andreessen once said "Software is eating the world", and software-supported applications have indeed become an integral part of every industry and sector. This is becoming incresingly true for the traditional areas of automatica such as assembly and handling technology, industrial and professional service robotics. Although software has always played a role in these areas, it has become more visible recently. Other parts of automatica, such as industrial image processing and sensor technology, have always been dominated by software anyway.

In 2018, automatica assigned IT in general and software in particular a central role at the trade fair with additional exhibitors, specialist presentations and demonstrations. Also in the future automatica plans to cover a wide rainge of topics from manufacturing industry to ICT infrastructure and cloud computing. The trade fair also takes the development into account by focusing on digitisation, man-machine, machine learning and AI as well as cloud computing as central topics

This evolution is the reason for heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag to create the automatica IIoT Conference in close cooperation with automatica. The conference is dedicated to software topics that are becoming increasingly important for the target group of automatica.

The IIoT Conference consists of a conference with technical presentations in two tracks plus an additional half-day workshop programme.


Organisers of the conference are heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag.