Programme Committee

We work together with IIoT experts to build the right conference programme. They help us to review and evaluate the entries from the call for proposals, to find keynote speakers and with other important topics.

These are the people behind the automatica IIoT conference:

Birgit Boss

Dr. Birgit Boss has more than 20 years of experience in the development of complex software systems and in software engineering. She works for Robert Bosch GmbH and has been involved in the national and international standardization of industrial IoT systems since 2017. She is, among other things, head of the working group on the Asset Administration Shell at the Plattform Industrie 4.0 and co-chair of the Joint Work Group of the Plattform Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet Consortium on the topics of Digital Twin and Asset Administration Shell.

Markus Stöbe

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Graf Gatterburg is Principal Technology Consultant for Hilscher. He is chairman of the board at AutomationML e.V., member of the steering committee of OPC Field Level Communication Initiative and member of working groups in Plattform Industrie 4.0, ZVEI, LNI, Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and VDI/VDE GMA.

Josef Papenfort

Dr.-Ing. Josef Papenfort is responsible for the product management and strategic development of TwinCAT automation software at Beckhoff. He is also involved in research projects on the subject of automation within the it's OWL Leading-Edge Cluster. Apart from that he is a member of various international standardisation committees.

Micheal Stiller

Jonas Schaub is the CEO of elunic AG which accompanies businesses on their digitisation journey and develops innovative business models and software solutions in Industry 4.0 and quality control through ML and AI. As an adviser to a private equity company, he advises on transactions in the software industry.

Micheal Stiller

Michael Stiller is currently working as a Business Development Manager at Fraunhofer IKS. Prior to that, he led a number of IIoT / Industry 4.0 research projects. These include research into the use of fog and edge computing for complex agricultural machinery and cloud based service-oriented control architectures for industrial use.

Markus Stöbe

Dr. Christian Winkler is Senior Principal for IoT at Siemens Corporate Technology. His focus is on IoT from the speific perspective of sophisticated industrial solutions and (critical) infrastructures.